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I’m Bill Taylor, author of  and chief road trip enthusiast at I have taken thousands of road trips all across America, and I’ve learned how to put together fun road trips. My posts tell about places we’ve been and would like to go back. As you read, you will discover your own reasons to read

I will help you and your friends become confirmed road-trippers. A lot of it has to do with road trip planning. I crush the concerns that hold you back. We always enjoy our road trips because we’ve learned how to keep rolling up miles and dialing up smiles. Road tripping never gets old, even though road trippers age … just a little.

The trick isn’t about where you, it’s about how you go. Go with a smile, an open mind, a willingness to detour and enjoy the scenery, an attitude that come what may … you’re gonna have fun. It works out. There’s an old saying … ‘A happy person can enjoy the scenery on a detour.’

Some roads are more interesting than others. Driving north across Monument Valley in Arizona and Utah the scenery changes dramatically it is impossible to get bored. The sights in Monument Valley are jaw-dropping fantastic.

Traveling across Texas is different, especially the western half of the state, new sights are few and far between. Yawns come easily. You may find a town and go to check it out and find it is not much more interesting than the open highway stretching endlessly. But even in west Texas, you find strange, unusual, unexpected features like Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels,TX, the world’s biggest water park.

The problem some folks have with boredom is that ‘seemingly endless’ highway. No matter where they are, the highways look like west Texas. Everyone has a bit of the child in us. We want to petulantly ask “Are we there yet?” … even though we know we still have ‘miles to go before we sleep.’ For those times I will introduce you to things that amuse or entertain you “while you drive.” There are so many good answers it will take some time to uncover all of them.

I can’t do all this at once, but stick with me, I’ll show you how to overcome the ‘endless road’ syndrome. I didn’t learn all this stuff all at once, and expect I still have lots to learn. Come ride with us and let us know what you think from time to time. We’d love to hear from you.

We have a theme here at … “We don’t count the miles, we count the smiles.” Now that’s the way to road-trip. You can do it!!

Come join us,

Bill Taylor

Chief Lover of Road Trips


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