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We found several really good amusements and good places to eat in Pine Mountain, GA. These are all family and kid friendly amusements.

There’s Lots to See Around Pine Mountain, GA

Most people who visit Callaway Gardens get there by taking a road trip, so they have cars and are able to see all the sights. The City of Pine Mountain, GA is beginning to recognize and take advantage of the benefit of having Callaway Gardens as its neighbor and largest business. A small portion of Callaway Gardens lies within the city limits of this charming little city. Pine Mountain, GA is located on US Hwy 27 south of Atlanta and north of Columbus, GA. It is a short distance off Interstate 85 and I-185 via GA State Road 18.

When we first went to Callaway Gardens the city appeared to be un-enamored or unimpressed by the goings-on out there. But the city leaders seem to be making effective plans to take advantage of their prime position. We ate a very good meal at the 27th Grill just south of town on US 27. Other new restaurants, more appealing storefronts and a general sense of welcome have taken hold here. I was pleased to see new attractions appearing in and around the area of Pine Mountain, GA.

These new attractions are not infants. But they have been built since we were last in the area. A friendly lady by the pool told my wife about Wild Animal Safari and thought we might enjoy it. If you drive out Hwy 27 north, you can’t miss the sign for Wild Animal Safari. And on the way you will see the signs for Butts Mill Farm. Turns out we visited each attraction the following day.

Wild Animal Safari is a wild animal preserve through which a rough trail sets the speed limit at 5 mph. I think if you tried to drive faster you just might kill an animal or two. They will permit you to drive your own vehicle, unless you absolutely disrespect your vehicle … don’t do it.

The animals, horns and all, come right up to your ride. Rent their van. They paint them white and black like Zebra stripes. These vans run fairly well, but have see days in which they possibly could have been driven on a paved road, but that was in the long-ago, and times with which I am not familiar.

You load your crowd into these rickety old Zebra Striped vans.

What A Pretty Van

The passenger side window is the only one with glass in it. The other windows have steel bars or pieces of rebar welded across them to prevent the animals from coming right into the van with you. There are over 600 animals which live in this Wild Kingdom which resembles the African Savannah. Animals are everywhere you look. Some of the animals you should encounter are Giraffe, American Buffalo, Elk, Fallow Deer, Black Buck, Gaur, Pot-bellied pigs and goats. You can purchase cups of animal food which you are instructed not to feed to Cow-like animals and bird-like animals (Ostrich, Emus, ducks etc). Animals stick their tongue through the bars reaching for food. If you sit too close to the window you will want to buy the most popular T-shirt in the gift shop. The T-shirt says: “I was slobbered at Wild Animal Safari.” Permit me to express my thanks to the unnamed lady at the pool. Thank you very much … we really did enjoy it.

I’ve Been Slobbered

There is a good gift shop and small concession stand in the building where you purchase tickets to enter the Wild Animal Safari. To get timely information on pricing and scheduled opening times just ask the friendly folks a Wild Animal Safari. The entire experience including the drive to and from, takes about 3 hours.

Returning from Wild Animal Safari toward Pine Mountain, GA on US Hwy 27, you will see a sign on your right inviting you to Butts Mill Farm. Butts Mill Farm is an amusement park of an entirely different variety. The owner migrated to this area from an Amish area in Ohio and brought some of that persona to Butts Mill Farm.

Playground at Butts Mill Farm

Inside the Farm/Park you find Bon Vivant Café. The menu includes Amish foods such as Cheese, Butters, Pastas and Breads. Throughout the entire park you see an attractive rustic appeal. An unusual feature of this attraction is their ability to cater large parties for daytime meals. They recently entertained and fed 4,000 employees of AFLAC at an outdoor afternoon meal.

Butts Mill Farm is situated on 80 acres of attractive GA farmland and offers up wholesome family fun. A single admission price opens all the features of the park to each visitor. Admission includes: Mini Golf, Kiddie Train Rides, 110 ft inflatable boot camp, a water slide, Mega Discovery Zone Play Area, Noah’s Ark Playground, Wild West Playground, Obstacle Course, Bungee Bull Ride, Bike Course, Inner Tubes in the Creek, Disney’s Car’s Slide, Horseshoes, Beach Volleyball, Basketball Court, Free Fishing Lake, Picnic Areas, Covered Bridge, and a Fire Truck Playground.

For an additional charge a 1 or 2 hour Horseback Trail Ride, or a Trail Ride with Picnic Lunch,

Riding Horses

Go-Cart Rides and Paintball. Groups are welcome at special rates.

Both of these attractions are extremely family friendly parks. Your entire family will enjoy feeding the animals on the Wild animal Safari ride and everyone will find something they enjoy at Butts Mill Farm. Attractions like these will add greatly to the value of a visit to Callaway Gardens which is unquestionably one of the top family vacation destinations in the entire nation.

That’s all, for this time. Hope to write again soon. Until then keep rolling up the miles and dialing up the smiles.

Bill Taylor

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