There are Beautiful Fall Colors on MS Scenic Hwy 5

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We love to take day trips and North Mississippi is a wonderful place to take a ride. From our home, we drove north up MS Hwy 15 to Ripley, MS. MS Hwy 15 is one of the few state highways that traverses the state from southern to northern ends.

At Ripley, MS we then turned west on MS Hwy 4 to visit the beautiful scenic drive MS Highway 5. I spotted these old tractors beside the road. Obviously they have been restored and maintained beautifully. Next time I pass by I’m gonna stop and take more time here.

I haven’t written much recently, because I’ve been working on a book. The title is “King of the Road Trips”. It will soon be available as a Kindle eBook. Sign up for updates to my blog and I’ll notify you when it is published.

We stopped in Ripley, MS to eat in the Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant. This is one of the best designed and beautifully decorated Mexican Restaurants we have visited. The decor is completely Mexican/American and ornate metal decorations are everywhere you look inside the dining area. The service was great and the food was tremendous. This is a 5 Star place to eat in an unexpected location.

Ripley’s main attraction to tourists is the First Monday Trade Days (Flea Market) which hosts hundreds of vendors and actually takes place on the Saturday before the first Monday of each month. This is a very old and well established market which has been in operation since 1883.

After we ate our scrumptious meal, we drove through Ripley looking at some of the old homes which grace its streets. We then turned west on MS Highway 4 toward our intended destination.

Several years ago in the Summer, we had driven down MS Hwy 5 which is designated a Scenic Highway. It was such a beautiful drive that we determined to return during the fall season and see the Fall Colors here.

One of the highest points of MS is just west of Hwy 5. Harper Hill has 712 elevation. The hills in this area are not tremendous, so you do not get the beautiful mountain vistas which the Appalachian Mountains offer, but the trees and colors are as grand as anywhere.

When we reached Hwy 5 we turned north and continued about 20 miles to the intersection of US Hwy 72. This is the northern starting point for this too short scenic route. On this section of road you pass through the small town of Ashland, MS, and a smaller community called Spring Hill.

The road is adequately wide, but only two lanes. Traffic was light and the pavement was reasonable smooth. We pulled over to let other cars pass because we did not want to hurry and didn’t want to delay local traffic.

When we reached US 72, we turned around and headed south to the southern end of MS Scenic Hwy 5. On the southern length you pass through Pine Grove, a small community. The highway ends at the small rural town of Hickory Flat, MS.

There are places on high ridges where you can see for miles across the gentle hillside. In some places the trees are so close to the road that they completely cover the roadway with their branches. You almost get the feeling that you are in a tunnel and driving through a forest. Unfortunately, most of the timber in Mississippi has been cut at least once. This area is no exception, but the regrowth of hardwoods in this stretch of roadway is exceptional for the beautiful state of Mississippi.

At this point we simply got on US Hwy 78 and drove the short distance back to MS Hwy 15 and returned home.

The purpose of this drive was to see the fall colors along Hwy 5. We were not disappointed and took a few pictures to share with you.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. As any lover of fall colors will quickly tell you … pictures cannot do justice to the actual splendor of God’s beautiful work of art. There is still time to see this beautiful route if you hurry. Small thin-leafed trees have shed their leaves, but the larger Oaks and other large hardwoods are still full and still have a few days of swagger left in them.

We have to pull over and get ready for Thanksgiving. Don’t wait on us, just crank up and enjoy some beautiful fall colors.

Try to go like we go … “We don’t count the miles, we just count the smiles.” The fall colors on MS Scenic Hwy 5 made us smile ’til our jaws hurt!

Keep rolling up the miles and dialing up the smiles and we’ll see you somewhere out there on the road. We’ll be easy to spot with our big smile.

King of the Road Trip

Bill Taylor

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