Scenic Highway US 219 in the West Virginia Mountains

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Sometimes you just want to look at beautiful scenery.

Greetings again friends, this is Bill Taylor writing about a road trip we enjoyed. When you take this trip it is strictly to see the scenery. There are no outstanding towns along this route. We do have a small personal interest in Elkins, WV. My wife’s family lived here, her dad worked with a pipeline crew, and she started school (1st Grade) while they were here. By coincidence I lived here one summer as a student missionary in 1959.

So … we were both vaguely familiar with the first part of the route we were taking. From that point we only knew that this was a mountainous region and promised some great scenery. US Hwy 219 is classified as a Scenic Highway. This highway passes the birthplace of Pearl S. Buck, famous christian missionary to China.

Even if it were open we would not have stopped at Snowshoe Mountain Ski slopes since none of us know how to ski. We were not disappointed with the scenery. Much of this ride passes through the Monongahela National Forest.

We were on our way to Lewisburg, WV where we would stay the night at the General Lewis Inn. The drive from Elkins to Lewisburg is 103 miles and if you didn’t stop, it would only take about two and one-half hours.

West Virginians are as patriotic as our neighbors in Mississippi.

 We saw this Metal Carving of a Soldier on Memorial Day

Soldier bows beside fallen comrade in metal art.

We saw an unusually Fancy Bridge at a private home

This is on a private driveway. Quite a bridges 

 You don’t see rock strata like this in Mississippi!

Wind Turbines are a Big Thing up here

The ‘energy saving’ wind turbines. I’m told they cost over 1/4 million $

Peaceful Mountain Village

Mountain Overlook with a village below

The Moon began to rise behind the trees


The Moon was beginning to rise.

The Moon continued to rise just above the trees

Moon continuing to rise

The Moon rose into the clouds ..

Clouds are beginning to shroud the moon

We arrived in Lewiston, WV shortly after dark. I just thought those pictures of the Moon were special because you can see the landscape and trees in the continuing light of late afternoon.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. We have to quit now … its bedtime. But you can keep driving if you’re not too sleepy. Don’t count the miles, just count the smiles.

Hope you find a road as pretty as this one to drive up miles and dial up smiles on.

Until next time,

Bill Taylor


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