National WWII Museum Is Open to Amaze You

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National WWII Museum Open to Amaze Viewers

The National WWII Museum (World War II) is now complete and open to the public. WOW! You have to be there to grasp the awesomeness of this major National Attraction. This is a solid attraction that every age group will enjoy. Patriotic Americans will swell with pride as they relive the glorious victory of American and allied armed forces. You will grimace with pain as you realize the tremendous sacrifices made to secure freedom for our world.

On Magazine Street Downtown New Orleans, LA

On Thursday July 4th I had the grand privilege of being in New Orleans, LA. I always love going to New Orleans and July 4th is one of my favorite days to visit. I know from past experience that native New Orlenians take flight to the Gulf Coast Beaches on this favorite holiday. We were on a tight schedule and only had the afternoon, so we could not continue through all there is to see here.

I know from past experience that native New Orlenians take flight to the Gulf Coast Beaches on this favorite holiday.The beaches of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are a pleasant drive out of town and offer thousands of open miles of Sun-lover entertainment. City dwellers love to get out of town nearly as much as their country cousins like to go to town.

I knew from experience that this would be a “slow” tourism day for New Orleans; we decided to take in the World War II (WWII) Museum on ?? Street in downtown New Orleans. The Museum is located at  945 Magazine Street. Magazine Street has one more amazing claim to fame. As you leave the city you enter one of the main streets of the Garden District.

The New Orleans Concert Band

We entered the museum with our credit card in hand, ready to purchase our tickets. As we approached the ticket window, the PA system announced that the New Orleans Concert would begin a concert in 5 minutes. One look at my wife told me that she too would enjoy the band concert.

We sat down and listened to the musicians tune their instruments for a few moments before beginning. The Conductor of the band is Dr Charles Taylor. Dr Taylor (no relation) is head of Instrumental Ensembles, Music Education, Conducting department at University of New Orleans. This band is about 73 members strong and we were seated less than 60 feet from them.

Soloist Danielle Wilson was an unexpected treat as she wowed the audience with her beautiful voice and spirited delivery. She has recently received her degree in vocal performance from the University of New Orleans.

At one point during the concert our veterans, who were in the audience, were recognized. Every branch of our military was represented by artendees and they were grandly applauded by a crowd of more than 200.

I have heard numerous bands play concerts, but this was without a doubt the best I have ever heard. The selections were from a wide range of venues. There were, of course, patriotic songs, movie songs, marches, show tunes and a delightful medley of tunes from Disney films which ended with “The Circle of Life” from The Lion King movie.

It was too late to tour the Museum

We will have to return to New Orleans at a future time to tour the museum. It was about 4 pm when the concert ended and we do not want to make our tour of the museum a shortened version due to our time restraints. I am anxiously looking forward to the return trip to experience all of this grand adventure.

Inside the main museum, there are standing displays with narrations and placards. Two movies help to round out the venue. One is done in 4-D, which I’ve never seen. The 4-D movie is narrated by Tom Hanks who played a major role in raising the funds and directing this massive project. One movie takes the viewer down under in a Submarine to experience the thrill of being in the US Navy during wartime. The other movie gives an overview of WWII which helps patrons understand and appreciate many of the items they see as they complete the tour.

The WWII Museum

The museum is actually housed in three rather large buildings. One building houses most of the Museum, another is executive offices and a gift shop, the other houses the theater. Visitors could easily spend a day or two here browsing through all the exhibits, photos and memorabilia on display. In the lobby, before you enter the museum proper, there are guns, airplanes, artillery, boats and other massive artifacts.

Having had only a small taste of the World War II Museum, I am anxious and excited to think about visiting here again. If the lobby is this exciting … how much more exciting will it be to enter in?

My new Favorite Coffee Mug

Maybe we’ll see you there. Until then, keep rolling up the miles and dialing up the smiles. In our car We don’t count the miles, we just count the smiles.!

Until next time, Keep rolling up the miles and dialing up the smiles.

Bill Taylor

Author “King of the Road Trip” an eBook available on Amazon Kindle’s website.

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