“Mama Coon” and 4 Kittens Parade

May 4, 2012 · 0 comments

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As we looked out the window to our deck, we saw a mother coon and 4 kittens walk up. I ran to get a camera hoping to get a picture of the 5 together. But before I could get back … she had climbed up the post supporting a large trellis above our deck and moved onto the roof of our house. I didn’t realize that she had left the trellis. The trellis is covered with a humongous Wisteria vine that you could lose a medium size bear in. “Mama Coon” had disappeared, but the kittens were lagging behind.

"Mama don't allow no picture taking 'round here.

Last one up the pole is a rotten egg

I managed to take a couple of pictures up close.

He is wondering who is the guy with the camera

Then I heard this low, very angry growling sound. I looked up on the roof to see “Mama Coon” coming back down to the trellis. She climbed into the vine covered trellis and promptly marched straight toward me.

That was the end of the picture taking. I have never fought a wild animal who was intent upon protecting her young, and this didn’t seem like a good day to start. She’s a big girl.

I didn’t manage to get a picture of the group together, but I feel sure they will return and I will try to snap a “group picture” to further enhance their web persona. If I get a better picture, I’ll post it too.

I love a good road trip, but this proves that there are interesting things all around us if we open our eyes and our spirits to see and enjoy them.

Two together, the last photo before "Mama" came back.

Take a look out your window. God puts all kinds of beauty there for us to see. We do need vision to see the beauty. Helen Keller said, “It is better to have no sight and yet have vision, than to have sight and have no vision.” It takes vision to see the beauty around us.

Until next time, y’all keep rolling up the miles and dialing up the smiles. We’re going on a road trip!

Bill Taylor

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