It’s Gift-giving time. Don’t forget that road tripper in your life.

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Gifts for Road Trip Lovers

If you have an avid road trip lover on your gift list, this is where you start to find the perfect gift for them. As Christmas approaches or birthdays loom around the corner, we all get highly perplexed about what to buy certain loved ones who ‘have everything they need.’ In my experience, having everything I need, and having everything I want, are two completely different subjects.
In either case here are some gift suggestions tailored especially for road trips. These could be used as Christmas gifts or birthday gifts.
Maybe you need to consider the wonderfully free temperament that invades some folks without any obvious warning sign. I’m talking about a helplessly bit, comfortably fixed, tirelessly intrepid lover of the All- American road trip.
Is there a road trip lover on your gift list? Here are a few ideas that you may use to scratch a place that really needs scratching.
Don’t feel bad. Everybody wants to give the best gift possible.
Road trippers are such planners that it is difficult to buy them gifts. They seem to have everything they need. Well … that may not be as true as you think. Take a look at these brilliant ideas that just wandered into my headlights.
Do they have a GPS? Anyone can get lost, especially in strange territory. A GPS may never be more appreciated than when you mistakenly enter the ‘Lost Highway’ and the GPS gets you back on the right road.
MP3 players are another great gift for road trippers. There is a boundless supply of material that can be downloaded for MP3 players . … audio books, songs, inspirational messages, self-help books, language lessons. The tiny size of most MP3 players belies their power. You might consider the player connectors they will need to use an MP3 player. Small portable battery powered speakers are excellent peripheral purchases. The small speakers can be hung around their neck, making it possible to listen while taking a hike. The speakers can also be used to listen while driving if the radio goes out. If an individual wishes to listen to a book privately, just plug in a set of ear plugs.
Cameras are an obvious choice for travelers. Some of the new pocket sized cameras are especially helpful as they can record movies, which could be uploaded to the internet to be viewed by friends and family back home. These cameras are available from about $50, and up.
A current year Atlas is essential for people who drive extensively. Even if you have a GPS, the Atlas comes in handy when you are plotting a trip and want to get off main roads. They also provide some info which isn’t revealed by the tiny screen of a GPS. One other consideration of this gift is that not all road trippers are technically oriented … do you get my hint?
Luggage is always a good choice for travelers. People who have nice, expensive, luggage usually have a need for that one specialty item…. a carrier for hats, music instruments, specialty toys, cosmetic or jewelry holders, CD wallets and a bag for chargers and small electronic devices … you know your family member or friend better than I do. Give this item some thought and you may give the gift that is the hit of the year.
A portable DVD player can be purchased inexpensively (about $50-$75 or much more) and can give a passenger untold hours of entertainment. These small devices run on internal batteries, or can be plugged into an automobile’s cigarette lighter to play movies or any other recordings. The internal battery can be recharged and movies can be played in the room or RV at night.
Laptop computers are still a fantastic utility. Their popularity is being surpassed by small hand held phones and pads, but the screen size is too small for some people to enjoy use of the tiny devices. But the laptop computer can do almost everything the other devices can … and then some. Travelers who prefer to communicate by email can easily set up the laptop in their room, or at a Wi-Fi restaurant hot spot, and reach out and touch someone.

In the unusual event that they do not have a cell phone, you could buy them one of the prepaid variety and help bring them into the 21st century.

A gift is not necessarily a physical item.

Give a gift card. Money is crass, but a gift card for gasoline, food or a book is a classy gift. If a gasoline gift card is not the solution, then think about giving a prepaid credit card.
Give a gift certificate for a free night at a major hotel chain, or a luxury hotel where you know they have always wanted to spend some time. We once gave a very special relative a night with meals at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN. They absolutely loved it! This was possibly the most appreciated gift we have ever given anyone.
You might even consider giving a copy of my Kindle book entitled, “King of the Road Trip” by Bill Taylor.
How about if you take the next road trip with them!  Some folks would think that is the grandest gift of all.
There are a lot of road trips in which special clothing is needed or even required.  Hiking requires good walking shoes, and wind breakers or heavy jackets may be needed for trips to mountains or winter destinations.
These are a few suggestions, they still require your wise input, but I hope they are helpful to you and the person you love enough to try to give your very best.
The right gift could make the next road trip your special person takes, a trip to remember. Real good road trippers are folks who just want to have fun, making a trip in their car. If you can think of another gift that would help fill that need, I’d love to hear from you.
At America Road Trip, we don’t count the miles, we just count the smiles.

Try to keep it between the ditches, will you?

Bill Taylor
Author of “King of the Road Trip”
and Chief driver @

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