Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee

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We seldom stay in state parks. We have nothing against them, in fact, if we are travelling with a group we prefer them, because  they are well suited for families or other large groups. We usually travel with only two, my wife and I. This was a different foray however, and the state park turned out to be perfect.

We celebrated 50 years of marriage on July 22, 2014. When our children asked us what we would like to do we quickly said that any place we could all get together and just visit would be the best! All our children and grandchildren agreed to have a whole family gathering. A neutral location is difficult to find. Some of us live in Mississippi, others in Tennessee and one group is located in north eastern Pennsylvania. The location we picked was very close for one family member’s family and about equidistant for the four other family units.

We made our plans to arrive on Sunday for departure on Wednesday, and that worked out best for all included. Everyone arrived in timely fashion and had our beds staked out before the sun went down. We were ready for bear, but we didn’t see any. We did however see a large gray fox about 30 yards from our cabin. It crossed a clearing very casually and entered the woods and was lost to sight.

I feel sure the park has various sleeping arrangements, but we rented two cabins.

One of our cabins One of our cabins

That gives you 4 bedrooms, and some younguns had to sleep on blow up mattresses on the floor. Most of the 8 adults managed to bed down on a real bed. You bring your own pillows and it seems just like home.

Each cabin has a nice porch, a spacious family room with a moderately equipped kitchen. We did most of our cooking on the grill. There is a grill located near each cabin. There was a very poor cell phone signal, so we got to visit with young adults and younger children alike.

I don’t believe we even turned the TV on. The main attraction in this place turned out to be the other members of our family. We love one another, but like many families, we don’t get to spend enough time together.

Cedars of Lebanon State Park is a beautiful facility. Some of the park was constructed by WPA workers back in the 1930s, but much of it has been refurbished, added to and made into a modern park. There is an Olympic size swimming pool which does not open 7 days a week, but is a beautiful surprise.

Swimming Pool (1)We took advantage of the Riding Stables which are Riding Stable Signhome to a friendly, competent staff and dozens of beautiful horses. A new ride takes off about every hour and goes through the forest trails. The rocky path is expertly navigated by the horses which are familiar with every litrle rise and fall of the hillsides.

Check on the dates the pool will be open as you make your reservations. They tole us that the pool was closed for routine cleaning and maintenance. I believe it is open 5 days and closed for 2 days.

You can also camp, play frisbee golf and there is a well equipped playground for children of all ages. This camp may not have it all, but it certainly had more than enough for us.

State parks are one of the few remaining “bargains” in lodging prices. They work especially well if you travel with more than two or three passengers.

We plan to leave again today for a trip to Arkansas to see some mountains and spend some time with just the two of us. If we can get in, we are going to check out the Lodge at Paris, AR. Pictures of it are beautiful. It is also a state park and located on the highest point in the state. The Ozarks are not as high as the Apalachians, but they are awesome in their rugged beauty.

Y’all keep running up the smiles and dialing up the smiles. We don’t count miles, we just count smiles. You keep it between the ditches and stay right behind the radiator.

Keep ’em rollin,


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