Albert E and Gena Raud Guest House in Beaumont, TX

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This wasn’t the kind of road trip we wanted to make. Unfortunately, sooner or later, we all have to make an American Road Trip to either visit a loved one in the hospital, or even more depressing, to attend a funeral. No matter the reason, we don’t count the miles, we count the smiles. After all, you need to make the best of every situation. On this trip, we found a facility called the Albert E and Gena Raud Guest House, which has filled not only ours , but thousands of other faces with smiles. Being with family is good, even under bad circumstances.

SAM_1310 (640x239)My oldest brother was a patient in Baptist Hospital of Southeast Texas, in Beaumont, TX. Beaumont is  a bustling city of over 100,000 population. We feared we might have to stay for several nights as we entered the vigil over my brother’s recovery or demise indicated by his vital signs.

My brother is 89 years old. He has lived a very productive and satisfying life. He enlisted in the Merchant Marines and served during WWII. Following his military service, he eventually landed a good job with Kansas City Railroad. He worked hard as a switchman. As a union representative he worked hard to gain better benefits for his fellow workers. Like all people in this kind of volunteer work, it requires passion and determination to achieve results. He had plenty of both.

My brother was a Shriner who volunteered to drive patients and their families to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Houston, TX. This was approximately a 200 mile trip each day. These were long days in which he waited for the patients to complete their treatments before driving them back to the Beaumont area.

As a young man he fought in the Golden Gloves boxing tradition. Calvin was also an excellent amateur musician. He wrote songs, played the harmonica and guitar.  By using a neck contraption, he played both at the same time. He loved going to local nursing homes to entertain the residents.

We were looking for an inexpensive place to stay since we didn’t know how long we would need to stay. My nephew helped us locate the Albert E. and Gena Reaud (pronounced ree-oh) Guest House. The guest house was a dream of Gena Reaud whose compassionate spirit and active witness for Christ were used to bring many people to Christ. The home is partially run by volunteer personnel, but even the paid employees express a sincere, friendly manner in the way they greet guests. You will fall in love with some of the people who greet and help make your stay here a pleasant experience.

“The Reaud House”, as it is called in abbreviated style, is operated for the benefit of families of patients who are long-term, or short-term patients at the neighboring Baptist Hospital of Southeast Texas. The facility is located next door to the hospital. You can easily walk to Baptist Hospital of Beaumont from the facility, and avoid the anxiety of trying to find a place to park. Families of patients in any Beaumont Hospital may use this excellent facility. The $3.2 million dollar building is located at 3120 College Street adjacent to Baptist Beaumont Hospital.

The Family Shelter provides lodging and non-medical services to families and individuals in medical crisis. Guests are referred from physicians, staff and social workers from area medical facilities.  So if you wish to stay here, you may get a referral from your patients hospital or other medical professional.

Rooms are spacious and well equipped with a bed, TV, WiFi, a shower, carpeted bedroom floor and HVAC. There is a Computer Lounge, for those who did not bring a computer along.  Beds and linens are refreshed on a daily basis by a friendly trusted staff. There is no microwave or coffee pot in the room but, a communal kitchen facility has everything needed to make coffee, eat breakfast or lunch. Some food is provided in the pantry. The all-inclusive cost per night is only $35.00.

There are 19 guest rooms, a prayer garden, kitchen, a courtyard plus small indoor areas in which families and friends can meet.

If you have a family member who is a patient in any Beaumont, TX hospital and are in need of inexpensive, safe, comfortable accommodations, this is the place which is here to meet your needs. Everything is carried out with Christian hospitality as friendly staff or volunteers welcome you as if into the family.

When all was said and done, to our immense relief, my brother survived, at least for a while. Some day soon we will probably have to make this trip again. It is after all, another way to keep rolling up the miles and dialing up the smiles.

Our family wishes to take this opportunity to publicly thank “The Reaud House” for the hospitality and friendly manner in which we were cared for during our stay. We will hold this fine institution in our prayers and pray that their dream to establish multiple such facilities in several places will find fruition.

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