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We don’t fly to our destination then rent a car. We like to drive wherever we go. It takes some learning, but too you can adapt to this method of travel. Stay with us and we will show you how we did it. You are invited to share your experiences as well. We’d love to hear from you.

At AmericaRoadTrip.net   “We don’t count miles … we count smiles.”

I am Bill Taylor, an inveterate, unflappable road-tripper. There is no place like home but I love to take me an America Road Trip. A road trip does not have to be a long trip to be a fun trip. Every good America Road Trip, whether long or short, is an exciting road trip. We don’t care if it involves a drive of hundreds … even thousands of miles… we just check the credit card balance to be sure we will have enough gas to get back home at the end of the trip. After all, a bad day on a road trip is better than a good day cutting grass.

If your idea of a road trip is flying somewhere and renting a car to see the sights, you may not get  as much from this site unless you just enjoy my writing style. (I hope you do.) We drive to the place we’re going. Some of our best adventures are the side trips on the way to ‘where we were going.’ We don’t take bus tours, because we can’t control the itinerary. We drive, and to us, driving is part of the fun. We get to see what we want to see and look as long as we want to look.

I am a semi-retired Baptist Preacher who worked as a salesman. My wife is a retired school administrator. It has been my calling to pastor small churches, which at times required drives of 100 miles or more each way. If I had been ‘physically equipped’ for my ministry I might have been born with wheels on my backside. Instead I was given a love for driving on road trips which is firmly installed in my inside. Some of our friends have quit calling our home phone. When we answer the cell phone they ask: “Where are y’all today?”

Charlotte and I come from very different backgrounds, though we’re both are from the Deep South. We’re from Mississippi. One way we merge our experiences is a common love for the road. My family did not own a car until I was a teen-ager so I had no early travel experiences. My wife, on the other hand, was the daughter of a pipeline construction worker who worked on gas pipelines. His work caused her to live in ten different states while she was still a small child. Pipeline crews move often and this instilled an excitement in her to see new places, people and things. By the time she was in the 7th grade, she had attended 12 different elementary schools and was accustomed to a car full of children and luggage. Come to think of it … that’s still a very good combination. I will write more about that later.

We met while I was a student at Mississippi College in Clinton, MS  and soon married. I use to tell everyone “she picked me up,” but I got tired of her hitting me every time I said it. She wanted our children to experience the adventure of travel. I agreed. I said, “If y’all let me tag along, I’ll be happy to drive the car on road trips all over America.” I picked it up real quick. I’m a natural for enjoying new things. Each trip introduced me to areas I had never seen. We love to travel. I calculate, that since we married, we have driven more than two million miles.

The children are grown and have their own families. We occasionally include grand-children on our road trips. Most trips now-a-days are just the two of us enjoying cozy, intimate, quiet, exciting adventures. Here’s the way I see it: when the nest gets empty, you fill up the tank … and take a road trip across America.

I  pastor a small church and for more than ten years, we have taken group road trips with folks from our churches. They enjoy the trips because we know the area from previous trips and act as tour guides. The fun we’ve had on these trips prompted us to share our experiences with a broader audience. I hope you will be part of that audience and a regular reader at AmericaRoadTrip.net

We have learned a few bits from our jaunts that we’ll pass along. I want to tell you a lot about Mississippi, the state we proudly call home. Many readers have only heard about Mississippi from folks who never learned the free and easy ways of true southerners. We know how to find excitement in places others overlook. Join us and we’ll point them out for you.

Not all our travels have been, and we pray, not all will be limited to the deep-south. We have driven across every border of Continental USA on a road trip. We hope to make return visits and venture into scenes as yet unseen by these excited eyes. Please come along with us as we discover places, people and things we hope you will enjoy as much as we will.

Until next time, let’s keep rolling up miles and dialing up smiles

Bill Taylor


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